Support Maine's Dairy Farmers

For generations, Maine's dairy farmers have provided the people of Maine with fresh, delicious milk. Today, our dairy farmers need our support — and where the milk you buy comes from makes a big difference.

$600,000 is being taken away from Maine Dairy farmers

When dairy processors move their bottling operations out of state, the impact on our local economy seems obvious.

But what few know is that in addition to the lost jobs, hundreds of thousands of dollars are also taken directly out of the important Maine Milk Pool, a fund established to support every Maine dairy farmer. This additional milk fund has ensured a sustainable dairy farm industry for many years as prices fluctuate and cost of production rises.

The recent decision by Texas based Dean Foods to move the Garelick and Grants bottling out of Maine is costing the Maine Milk Pool, and Maine farmers more than $600,000 dollars annually. This money will come out of the pockets of EVERY Maine Dairy farmer in favor of the out of state bottler's bottom line. Watch our video to find out more about how you can help keep milk in Maine and return those dollars back to Maine dairy farmers.

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